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Tennessee Lenders Are Standing By Right Now to Assist Customers With Their Online Loans

Banks and credit unions just can't compete when it comes to the speed, convenience and accessibility of . At Green Leaf Loan Group, we looked at the loan market, and noticed something was lacking – while other institutions are lining up to offer large loans with long term financing, very few were ever willing to deal in the short term, or in relatively small amounts of money (as opposed to a mortgage, or auto financing). We know there are countless customers out there looking for easy access to no-nonsense loans in the short term. That is exactly why we are here to help you!

Tennessee Residents: See the Online Loan Advantage For Yourself

Applying for a traditional loan in tedious, time consuming and often frustrating. Banks often require interviews in person to get started, and that is only the beginning of your journey. Often you will be asked to produce years worth of financial, tax and employment records – all of which need to be faxed, one page at a time.

With our online loans application system we have done away with all that hassle! We have a no-fax guarantee, because we make sure we get all the information we will need from you in our initial online application. The application should take you only about 10 minutes to complete, at which point it is sent directly to a loan professional. No waiting! Many of our customers will have approval notification within just a few hours, and money in their accounts within 24 hours.

Our online loans system is safe, secure, and accessible anytime, from anywhere. No need to worry about bank holidays, or weekends getting in the way. Just contact us using your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone, and let us know how we can help.

In Tennessee, Customers Can Use Online Loans for Anything

While many people associate online loans with emergency situations like medical bills, auto breakdowns or even property damage, you are free to use your loan money for anything you wish.

If you have vacation time coming up, but are waiting on a paycheck, you can ask for a cash advance to help finance a trip you would like to take. If you have some time off, and would like to get to a few home repairs, you can use online loans to help you pay for all the materials you will need.

Not to mention the price tags that can sometimes accompany your special occasions. If you have a big event such as a wedding, graduation, anniversary, etc. coming up, and you would like to throw a party or host an event in honor of it, online loans might be just the thing to get your party started.

Short Term Financing Is Replacing Savings Thanks to Online Loans

With the economy still in recovery, and with many families living paycheck to paycheck, it is often difficult for some to have savings set aside. Economists are beginning to see online loans and short term financing as a viable alternative to keeping money in a savings account.

With short term financing, customers are able to borrow money they need to address their financial needs, and then pay back their online loans either in installments, or in one lump sum at a later date. This allows many struggling families the financial flexibility to still make the necessary purchases they need, while allowing them more time to afford them.

Are Regular Online Loans the Only Option in Tennessee?

Not at all! In addition to our typical online loans, we also offer auto financing loans. These are specially designed to allow customers with a recent history of loan default the opportunity to still borrow money, when they put up the title of their car as collateral. We also offer a 1-hour loan service for those in the most time sensitive situations. This prioritized loan is best for anyone in an emergency situation, who needs help right away. Lastly, there are also installment loans, which allow customers to make several, smaller payments over a set amount of time, rather than paying the entirety of the loan back in a single payment.

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