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Quick Payday Loans are Available for Missouri Residents

Payday Loans Missouri residents are able to take advantage of quick payday loans, thanks to online lenders like Green Leaf Loan Group. A payday loan is like a cash advance on a forthcoming paycheck. Our customers borrow the money they need now, and then pay it back with their next paycheck. It is a simple concept, but in the past, predatory lenders would take advantage of unsuspecting consumers by making the terms and fees purposefully unclear.

Today, the payday loan industry is different. Thanks to online lending, there are more options than ever for those looking for financial help. If you are looking for a short term loan that will helpyou bridge the gap between your pay checks, contact us today, and let us know how we can help.

Missouri Laws Protect Consumers Looking for Quick Payday Loans

The payday loan industry used to be plagued by unscrupulous lenders, looking to extract unfair fees, and high interest rates from their customers. Often times, they were able to get away with this, because payday loans were handled primarily by check cashing stores. Once the customer was in the store, they would be put on the spot, and made to agree to outrageous terms. There was no chance for the customer to shop around, because loan rates were not advertised.

Nowadays, the industry is regulated by laws, all of which benefit you, the consumer. There are maximums placed on allowable fees and interest rates, all of which help to make sure you are protected. Not to mention the fact that with online lending becoming more popular, customers have the benefit of being able to do some comparison shopping right from home. Rates, fees and terms can all be compared online, and customers can choose the loan they think best suits them. No more agreeing to whatever the check cashing store demanded!

Emergency? Quick Payday Loans are There in a Flash!

Nobody wants to consider a worst case scenario. Even though many financial experts will advise us all to have several month's salary stocked away to cover unexpected expenses, that is an extremely tall order for some. Emergencies come with price tags, and sometimes, those totals at the bottom of the bill can seem overwhelming.

If you are a Missouri resident in an emergency, and are worried about how you might be able to pay for it, contact us immediately. Our loan professionals are specifically trained to respond quickly, and to prioritize your loan approval. We understand that time is a factor in your situation, and we do everything we can to speed up your process. Often, our customers are able to have approval within 1 hour, and money in their account within 24 hours.

Quick Payday Loans for Home Repairs, Vacations and Special Events

Of course, you do not have to be in the middle of an emergency when looking for a quick payday loan. Many of our customers contact us because they would like a little extra money to bring on vacation, or other fun events. If you know you have a special event coming up, but that it will fall between paychecks, you can request a cash advance to get you the money you need.

If you have some time off coming up, and have been meaning to tackle a few home repairs, we can help with that too. A quick payday loan can pay for painting supplies, lumber, plumbing or even gardening equipment. Spruce up the house now, while you have time, and pay for it later, when your check comes in.

Bad Credit in Missouri? You May Still Qualify for Quick Payday Loans!

We have several different types of loans, to meet the needs of all our customers. If you have bad credit, or no credit, and are concerned that you may not qualify for a loan, we have good news! Credit score is not the determining factor in our approval process. We are more concerned with your ability to repay. So, if you are a United States citizen living in Missouri, and if you are currently employed, even with bad credit, contact us today so we can start your approval process!

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