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California Residents Can Borrow Money Fast. Let Us Help!

There has been a lot of controversy lately about payday loans, and the predatory practices used by some unscrupulous companies. Luckily, thanks to this attention, many changes have been made to the industry, driving out those companies who sought to overcharge and harm their customer's financial standing, at the time when those customers needed help the most. Improved regulation and oversight now means that you can borrow money fast, and your transaction will be 100% safe, secure, confidential and fair. There is no need to walk into a check cashing store, and agree to whatever terms they demand. Now, you have a choice about where to borrow money fast in California, and we can help you make the right one.

A Payday Loan in California Can Help You Borrow Money Fast. Yes, You!

Media attention on the payday loan industry might have led many to believe that there is a certain “type” of person who goes for a payday loan. If that “type” does not match up with how you see yourself, you might not have considered a payday loan as being “for you.” We believe this is a harmful thought process, keeping thousands of qualified consumers from borrowing the money they need, when they need it. Why shouldn't these easy, fast and safe loans be available to everyone?

You may be surprised to learn that nearly all of our customers are steadily employed, and that many are homeowners. The concept behind our loans is that we allow consumers to borrow money fast, use the money to address bills, or other unexpected expenses, and then pay it back on their next payday. That's all!

How Can I Borrow Money Fast in California?

If you are a U.S. Citizen living in California, and if you are employed, you have overwhelming odds of being approved for a loan. Our process takes place entirely online, which means our customers have the advantage and peace of mind that comes along with having instant access to our system, any time, and any day of the year. No exceptions.

Unlike other loans, we do not rely solely on your past credit history. So if you have bad credit, or even no credit, this will not necessarily bar you from being able to borrow money fast. We look at a variety of factors to determine who will be a good loan candidate, and we try to make our loans available to as many people as possible. We understand that it is often the people with problem credit history who are in the most need of help, and we try to address that need.

I Need to Borrow Money Fast, but I Don't Have Anything to Put Up as Collateral!

Our California lenders do not require collateral! We deal in “unsecured” loans, which means that you can qualify even if you don't have anything to put this loan against. While some other lenders might demand a car title or even the title to your home as insurance for you paying the loan back, we don't do anything of the sort at Quick Cash to Go. We base eligibility off of your current employment. If you have a job, you can get a payday loan.

I Have an Emergency! Can I Borrow Money Fast?

Yes! Our loan professionals are especially sensitive to emergency situations, and understand how badly money is needed during these unexpected events. We pride ourselves on short waiting times, because we understand that you need cash in a hurry, and the last thing you need to be worrying about in an emergency is where your money is. Unexpected illnesses or accidents can lead to expensive medical bills you didn't foresee. An auto breakdown can leave you with a big mechanic's bill, and it can also potentially leave you without a means of getting to and from work. Property damage can strike at any time, be it weather related, accident related, or just the result of age. We know that in any of these situations, you need the money to address them immediately. That's why our California lenders are ready and available at all hours to help you borrow money fast, and begin working through your emergency without worrying about cash.

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