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Please Take Care When Entering Your Information

These are the 5 most common errors that cause an application to be rejected:

1. Unacceptable Monthly Income. Income lower then $1,000 per month.

2. Incorrect or Invalid Bank Routing or Account Numbers. Be sure to entering bank account information accurately. Routing numbers are always 9 digits.

3. Invalid Driver's License. Symbols are not accepted. Only numbers and letters.

4. Incorrect Pay Date. Pay Date's cannot fall on a weekend or holiday and must be valid.

5. Incomplete or inaccurate information. Submit complete and accurate information only.

For tax refund loan applicants, nor any of its lenders receive your tax refund directly nor are copies of your tax returns ever requested.

To further assist you and due to the potential of the IRS either keeping or delaying your tax refund the repayment date of the loan will be set on one of your pay dates.

We hope you understand that since we do not file your taxes and cannot know for certain the amount you will be refunded from the IRS, we must base your Refund Anticipation Loan amount on your current income and cap the maximum loan amount at $1500.