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Cash Advance Same Day LoansForget the hassle, the week-long or next day wait, and the endless paperwork—get approved for cash advance same day loans online NOW!

What does rent, utilities, internet, and cell phones all have in common? They are all recurring bills—month after month, the payments for these necessary living expenses stay (for the most part), the same. Due to the current state of the economy, most Americans aren’t able to budget for more than these typical every-day expenses. So what happens when you or a loved one gets hit with an emergency? When a family member has to go to the ER? When your car breaks down? It’s impossible to foresee a financial emergency. That’s why many Americans are applying and getting approved for our cash advance same day loans online.

What are cash advance same day loans online?

Cash advance same day loans online are short-term loans against your paycheck. We’ll give you the money from your paycheck before your employer pays you. That way, you can pay your typical living expenses and cover your unexpected financial emergency. When you get paid, you just pay us back. You apply online and get approved instantly and receive the money you need the same day you apply.

Cash advance same day loans online save you time and money

Many Americans make the mistake of going to a big bank to get a loan—you don’t need to make the same mistake. Banks issue long-term loans. Long-term loans means months of high interest rates for years to come. Our cash advance same day loans online are different—most of our customers pay back the loans within a couple of weeks. It’s a win-win situation—you get the money you need now without going into debt. Apply online today and have cash in your bank account the fastest way possible.

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Why You Must Provide A Bank Account to Get a Cash Advance Online

We are often asked why a bank account is needed in order to get a cash advance loan online

Bank Account Cash AdvanceThat is actually a very good question and we can give you a few excellent reasons:

A bank account is needed to insure you are who you say you are. Unlike a cash advance from a walk in location the lender cannot know for sure you are who you say you are when applying online. A walk in location can look at your drivers license or id to ensure you are who you say you are. Online however, there are many people who try to scam the online lenders by giving false information. An online lender must rely on the bank to verify who is opening the bank account and the online lender can then rely on that information when you apply for a cash advance online.

A bank account is also needed to get the loan funds to you in a timely manner. Once you are approved for the loan your cash advance funds will be wired to your bank account via direct deposit which is one of the quickest ways of getting you your money quickly. A direct deposit is sent to your bank through the federal reserve system and your bank should have the funds in your account and available to you by the next business morning.

A bank account is also needed for the lender to withdraw the funds when the loan is due. Just like the funds were deposited into your account via direct deposit your loan repayment will be drafted from your account automatically on the due data so you’ll never have to worry about being late repaying your loan and thus you could never be charged a late fee. If you aren’t able to repay the loan on the repayment date then there are no worries as you can ask your lender for a loan extension. While a loan extension will cost a fee, you can be sure your lender will be glad to assist you with an extension.

Your Safe With Our Secure System

As far as security goes your data is more then safe. Your data is secured and encrypted with GoDaddy 256 bit encryption. This means a 256 bit encryption key is used to encrypt your data before it is sent over the internet. One thing you should know is that 256 bit encryption has never been broken and this is due to the amount of computing power it would take to break that level of encryption. Once we receive your bank data it is placed in a very secured and firewall protected 2008 SQL server database for added protection.

Apply for a Cash Advance Online With Confidence

You can apply for a Cash Advance Online with Green Leaf Loan Group and be confident in supplying the bank information needed to get you approved.

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1 Hour Cash Loans

1 Hour Cash Loan

Is There Really Such a Thing as a 1 Hour Cash Loan?

The short answer is yes but it can be easier to get a cash loan if you can wait to receive the cash loan until the next business morning. Why? Because there are many more lenders that will fund a loan by the next business morning then within 1 hour.

Can You Get Cash Into Your Bank Account in 1 Hour?

Not really, but you can get approved for a 1 hour cash loan through Green Leaf Loan Group almost instantly and have final approval completed within an hour and have cash in your bank account within a few hours as long as you work closely with the lender and we have one of the best featured 1 hour loan lenders available online today. Click here now to check out our featured 1 hour loan lender.

You Can Get a 1 Hour Cash Loan without Embarrassment?

Many things are unpredictable and out of our control and sometimes a sudden unexpected need for cash can put you in a very stressful situation that you could never have imagined for yourself and when you find yourself in such an unexpected situation it is good that there are quality and reliable websites like Green Leaf Loan Group that make getting a loan quickly and easily possible. Unexpected expenses can make life extremely stressful. These types of stressful financial situations can pop-up before your next paycheck and require your immediate attention. In such situations you may not be able or want to ask relatives or friends for a loan as this often results in embarrassment for you and your family. Now-a-days, 1 hour cash loans are available online that you can quickly and easily apply for discreetly from the privacy of your own home which will not only relieve the stress but help you do it on your own.

Getting Financial Help Until Payday Arrives with a 1 Hour Cash Loan

As the name suggests you can easily get a 1 hour cash loan up to $1,000 that will cover your entire financial need without any hassle or delays. Sometimes unexpected situations do occur when payday is still a few days away but you can easily pay for those unexpected expenses with a 1 hour cash loan. 1 hour cash loans not only help you to get through your financial crunch until your next pay check arrives but does it privately and securely. So stop worrying and enjoy a stress free life by filling out our online application and get up to $1000 cash available to you within a few minutes.

Does Applying for a 1 Hour Loan Online Save Time

Yes it does. When you apply now for a 1 hour cash loan through Green Leaf Loan Group you’ll save valuable time by never having to stand in long lines waiting as you apply directly from the comfort of your home or a location of your choice. Once you get final approval your 1 hour cash loan will be transferred to your bank account.

by “Ray West


Many people make New Year’s resolutions, but not too many keep them. For example, the most popular New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. This year thousands of Americans will make the vow to lose weight in 2013. They will research fad diets, sign up to gyms, and purchase new workout clothes only to lose sight of their goal by February. Why do these people fail? Permanent weight loss requires permanent life changes. Fad diets are a temporary solution to a weight problem. Who can live off of a table spoon of honey and water for the rest of their lives?
The trick to keeping a new year’s resolution is to think long term. Permanent lifestyle changes are almost always leads to success. As a payday loan company we see thousands of customers who have trouble managing their money. Let me first establish that there are different kinds of payday loan customers. There are the customers who encounter emergency expenses before payday. These customers need quick cash to take care of a flat tire, car repair, medical bill, or medicine. Then there are the customers who just simply have trouble managing their money.
While weight loss is a great resolution, so is managing your finances. Online cash advances are a convenient service, but they should not be the answer to your budgeting problems. In 2013 take a look at what you spend your money on. Create a spreadsheet where you can keep track of your bills. Create a savings account, and put some money into it as soon as you get your paycheck. Pay all of your bills first, so that you know how much income you have left to spend on entertainment, shopping, etc. If you make these permanent changes, you are sure to take out fewer loans in 2013.


Between the offices located on various corners and the online advertisements, you could say that payday loans are a recognizable service. On the other hand, very few people know that you can take a loan against your paycheck. They may sound like the same service, but there are some clear differences.

Loans against paychecks are a relatively new service, created when interest caps where placed upon payday loans. Banks offering short-term lending options in Ohio drove many payday lenders out of the state. However, just because the service is offered from your mainstream bank does not make it more trustworthy than a loan from a payday lender.
If you choose to go through a banking institution the bank will assess your credit history when determining if you are eligible and how much you are eligible for. Since the bank has direct access to your checking account, your debt will be automatically deducted from your checking account the next time your paycheck is deposited. The issue with taking a loan against your paycheck is the triple digit annualized interest rate.

Payday loans on the other hand, are provided by a licensed lender, not a bank. When you visit a cash advance location you provide them with a post dated check for the loan amount and fees. The lender will wait to deposit the check until the mutually agreed upon due date. This is typically your next payday. If you apply for a cash loan online your checking account information is required, and the lender will wait to remove the funds until your scheduled due date.

According to the George Washington University School of Business report 90% of those questioned were pleased with their last payday loan transaction. Eighty six percent of customers believe that payday loans are a positive financial service.

Only 33 states allow payday lenders to operate these days, but in the 90s payday lending surged. The rising cost of bank fees from bounced checks and late payments, protective legislation, and lack of competition lead to the expansion of the cash advance industry. With banks eager to get back into the short term lending industry, the landscape has changed.

Now customers in many states have the choice between going through traditional banking institutions or payday lenders. Which will you choose?

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