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Direct Cash Loan Lender

A Direct Cash Loan Lender Can Save You Hundreds in Avoidable Fees

Many payday loan companies like US Fast Cash, offer a variety of services like cash advances, payday loans, and installment loans. However, “variety” doesn’t always translate to easiness or affordability. US Fast Cash uses big-name banks for their loans. Big-name banks usually means high-interest loans. At, we prefer a different approach. We prefer to use direct lenders. A direct cash loan lender is an individual lender who is in business for themselves. Because they aren’t tied to corporate regulations, a direct lender can create their own rules.

A Direct Cash Loan Lender Doesn’t Usually Require References or Credit Checks

US Fast Cash requires a potential borrower to have at least two personal references in order to qualify for a loan. In some circumstances a credit check is required, too. A Direct Cash Loan Lender only requires a borrower to be employed and have an active checking account.

A Direct Cash Loan Lender is the Cheap way to Fast Cash

A Direct Cash Loan Lender can save you hundreds of dollars in avoidable fees. Our direct lenders are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Click here for more information on how you can apply.

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Green Leaf Loans

Green Leaf Loans Can Help you Go Green

If you’re in a financial rut, Green Leaf Loans can help. Our fast cash loan services are helping our customers go green. And no, we don’t mean planet green—we mean money green.

Green Leaf Loans Offers Low, Flexible, Monthly Payments

In our society, it’s standard to buy things we can’t afford. At the time, buying furniture on credit might have sounded like a good idea. Leasing a car might have sounded easy and affordable. A mortgage seemed cheaper than renting. Americans like to get as much as they can without paying much for it. Everything might go okay for awhile until an unexpected car repair, a medical bill, or an accident causes your finances to spin out of control. That’s where Green Leaf Loans comes in.

Green Leaf Loans Will get you Cash Now

Our Green Leaf Loans can help you go green. We can get you back on track. Our low interest, easy-to-qualify loans are turning people’s lives back around. We can help you, too. If you want to go Green Leaf Loans “green,” then click the above link to apply now. Our lenders are standing by 24/7 to help you get money to pay for your bills and expenses.

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Cash in Minutes

Get Approved in Seconds, Get Cash in Minutes, and Get Financial Stability in Hours

While Other Lenders Like Mobi Loans Take Hours to Get you approved for Cash, We Can Get you approved for Cash in Minutes Instead

Many popular short-term lending companies boast quick approvals and cash in one business day or less. And, most of the time, they can get you approved fast and they can get you the cash you need. However, there’s a major difference between us and them. can get you approved for more money, in a faster amount of time, with the lowest and best rates in the industry. We can help you get you and approval notification for cash in minutes.

Get Approved for $1000 Cash in Minutes

Mobi Loans, one of our competitors, can only offer their borrowers $900. To top it off, Mobi Loans doesn’t even try to hide how expensive their fees are. The asterisk over their $900 Line of Credit Loan brings readers to the following disclaimer: “Mobi Loans is an expensive form of short term credit and should not be used as a long term solution.”

Our loans have the lowest interest rate in the industry and we can get you fast cash in minutes. You can get approved for our $1000 loan in less than 30 seconds. It doesn’t get much faster than that.

With Fast Cash in Minutes, You’ll Have the Confidence that you Made the Right Choice has the perfect short-term lending solutions for you. Currently we offer 1 hour loans, payday loans, installment loans, line of credit loans, cash advances, and income tax loans. Each of our loans have low rates, an easy application and approval process, and flexible payment plans. Get cash in minutes and solve your financial dilemma. Click here to see how much you qualify for.

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Do You Need a Same Day Cash Advance?

Medical bills, unpaid utility bills, and auto repair costs are just a few reasons most people need same day cash advance loans—some things just can’t wait. Our lenders are able to deposit up to $1000 into your bank account the same day you apply.

Application is Easy and Approval is Fast—Apply for a Same Day Cash Advance Now

In order to qualify for a same day cash advance you must:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Be an American citizen
  • Have an active bank account
  • Have proof of employment/income

Same Day Cash AdvanceYou can apply online or use our mobile loan application. Either way, your information will be kept safe and secure. After you submit basic information about yourself, like your name and address, employment, etc, you’ll receive an approval notice within 90 seconds of clicking “submit.” Once approved, you’ll receive your same day cash advance within 24 hours of your initial approval.

Paying Back Your Same Day Cash Advance is Just as Easy as Applying

Your same day cash advance loan is typically due once your employer pays you. The amount you borrowed plus any fees will be automatically deducted from your bank account on its due date. You’ll never have to stress about how to pay it back or when to pay it back. Click here to apply now!

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